REHAB Loan for Investors

Are you looking for money to create wealth through fix and flip?  Are you able to buy 'as is' at a huge discount and sell for a great profit?  Contact us

We can help you with this.  Here are the parameters of this loan:

1. 65% of the After Repaired Value or

2. 100% of the purchase price

3. Credit score over 660 required. Under 660 on a case by case basis.

4. Click here for a list of approved states.  Properties in pending approval state require an LTV of 60%

5. Reserves of 12.5% and 6 months interest reserves required. 

6. We look at these issues when looking at approval:

           a. experience,

          b. accuracy of the construction budget

          c. appraisal and bpo

          d. nature of the project 


Email today for application package. If you want to be preapproved or have a project already under contract, contact us today.

Just fill out this contact form and we'll send you the necessary documents. 


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